Final straight of the “Sentir a Carrilana” campaign

We enter the final phase of fundraising of the “Feel Carrilana” project, in the absence of just over 10 days and with more than 83% of funds raised the experience can not be more promising.

“Sentir a Carrilana” is about to become a reality, from the carrilanas we are actively working to make the Carrilanas Grand Prix an event of social inclusion where children with functional diversity are the real protagonists of the party. We want to tear down the walls that prevent children with visual problems from being an active part of the party and that they are the pilots for a day feeling the carrilanas.

There are already more than 130 people who today have collaborated with “Sentir a Carrilana”. We are in the final sprint and about to cross the finish line but we still need the last push to help us achieve this social dream.

The remaining 10 days are of vital importance to obtain the necessary funds and thus successfully complete the first phase of the project, we remember that it is a campaign (All or Nothing), in case of not reaching the minimum funds the project will be canceled and the return of the funds contributed by each person will be made.

So, if you have not already put your grain of sand remember that you can do it through

And since the organization we can not be more proud of all the people who are supporting us in this challenge, thank you very much from the heart to each one of you.