Frequent questions

Check the most frequently asked questions about the Gran Prix de Carrilanas de Esteiro.

Carrilanas are traditional cars made entirely of wood without any propulsion other than the force of gravity itself, with this competition it is intended to recall one of the most popular games among boys and girls in Galicia.

Any person can participate in the descent of the carrilanas, only one carrilana is required that complies with the regulations. Registrations will be made in the tent enabled on the day of the race or through an online form an online platform provided by the organization.

Yes, you should pay attention to the recommendations of the career direction in addition to the track volunteers at all times to avoid any type of risk.

No, there are areas of the route that are prohibited to the public, in case of being located in one of these areas, a member of the organization will indicate a safer place and will invite you to leave the risk.

The Grand Prix has three categories, one for boys and girls, another for slow carrilanas and the last one called fast carrilanas is the main descent.

Yes, once the race is over, the awards ceremony, both the trophy and cash prize, is given at the Alameda de Esteiro, to the winners of the different categories, as well as to the most elaborate carrilana, to the most spectacular funniest accident, the race winner, etc…

Although there are other types of similar competitions at the regional level, the Carrilanas de Esteiro retain all the tradition and essence of the old carrilanas, because we do not allow bearings, shafts and chassis that are not made of wood, as well as other restrictions to preserve the essence , the Grand Prix does not compute in any speed inertia competition, even so, we are working hard with other associations to create a wooden Carrilanas championship at the regional level.

All people who come to Esteiro to participate or attend the Grand Prix de Carrilanas de Esteiro can stay in the different accommodations of the town, free camping areas will also be enabled for those days for those who want to use them.