XXXIV Editions

The A.D.C. Esteirana de Carrilanas has XXXIV editions organizing a unique event in the world.

The Gran Prix de Carrilanas is a reference event in the summer of Galicia, thousands of people meet in each edition to enjoy an event as special as the Carrilanas de Esteiro.

We have the  National Touristic Interest Festival award, and we are working to get the International Interest Festival recognition.


President´s  greeting (David Fernández)

When i assumed the presidency of the A.D.C. Esteirana de Carrilanas, had the illusion of recovering a event that in my opinion was far from her best version. One event that attracts thousands of visitors to Esteiro who find in our town a unique and inimitable party. Today, I can say that this illusion is tremendously renewed, surrounded by a small team, a united and trustworthy team, professional and ambitious, with which I will work side by side until I place the Grand Prix of Carrilanas in the place where I understand that it must be. Read more…



Eat, drink, sleep.

Discover the best gastronomic places in “A Ría da Estrela” where you can give your palate a treat.

Fresh and natural products, signature cuisine and the best wines with which to marinate our Galician cuisine.

The hospitality of our people will make you want to stay and enjoy a few days in our estuary, discover the hotels to stay, dream rural houses and an endless number of bars and cafes that will make your stay more peaceful.


Participants and public must follow the instructions of the volunteers.

Public and participants

It is mandatory to follow the advice of the members of the organization to ensure the safety of the race.


Non-profit organization, A.D.C. Esteirana de Carrilanas

Non-profit organization

Non-profit association committed to Galician culture and the conservation of cultural heritage that revolves around the carrilanas.

+30.000 Assistants

Thanks to each and every one of the thousands of people who accompanied us in this edition


We continue to grow thanks to our pubic that year after year approaches Esteiro to enjoy the reference summer event in Galicia.


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XXXIV Years of Carrilanas Esteiro

Tradition, music, culture

We have been conserving our heritage for more than 34 years, we try to turn the Gran Prix de Carrilanas de Esteiro into the most fun family event in Galicia.

We want to share with our audience our culture, music and tradition, bringing everything together into a unique one in the world for the enjoyment of children and adults.