Carrilanas Museum


It was a great happiness for all of us when in 2012, on the occasion of the XXV anniversary of the Grand Prix Carrilanas de Esteiro, we were able to inaugurate our Carrilanas Museum that allows us today to enjoy a place in condition to show our work.

It was a humble job, it began with the enormous and unforgettable gesture of Mr. Ramiro García Núñez “Gerente”, to transfer its facilities to create our headquarters and also maintain a permanent exhibition throughout the year.

We propose the idea of rehabilitating this low to the town hall that they accepted willingly. They helped us to get the project. And it is well born to be grateful, so in these lines we wish to thank the financial contribution made by the Town Hall of Muros to buy the material. Thanks to Mrs. Caridad González Cerviño, Mayor of Muros at that time and especially Manuel Freire Eiras, councilor for works. It was his involvement, that of “Bertulo”, indispensable to be able to have today the house of the carrilanas, for all this thank you very much friend and we hope you continue to accompany us as one more carrilanero.

An extensive thanks to all the colleagues who spent their free time in giving a good coat of paint to these walls. Walls that show our history in photos and newspaper clippings that show us how the years passed from that first Grand Prix from 1988 to today. Thanks also to the employees of the town hall who installed the lighting of the premises and “Cachiño” who installed the door.

We did everyone’s work, the contributions of some and others, a humble work that is what allows us to have a unique place in the world, because you will not find any “museum” like it. All those who approach Esteiro, do not hesitate to visit the House of Carrilanas where you will be received as in your own home.

You will find it very easy to find our place, in the Ribeira de Solleiros, when passing the bridge, a place painted red and chaired by the “Jato Nejro” sign that in a gesture we will not forget, Santi “O Choqueiro”, gave us so that the “Jato” became smaller leaving room for the shield they will be wrapped in checkered flags. There you have the house of all the carrilaneros, so if you have any object that you want to be part of this historic place, do not hesitate to bring it closer, we will be very grateful to make the history grow more and more in the house of the carrilanas .


In the house of the carrilanas you can find unique carrilanas in the world, this statement may sound pretentious, but nothing is further from reality. We can proudly say that in the headquarters of the Carrilanas de Esteiro, you will find the most spectacular wooden cars in the world. Unique carrilanas, each one different from the others, but “daughters” all of the same father.

It was the hands of “Gerente” that gave life to the most famous and beautiful Esteiro carrilanas, a true reflection of the Esteiro culture, which collect anecdotes and stories since 1988. The “old” Gerente, overflowing in youth, made a work that we will value over time, because we are the carrilanas something that we live closely, on a daily basis but that for those who are not familiar, they see what they really are, a spectacular, unrepeatable and inimitable work of art.

For many more years we will walk young people by the hand of our “old” friend “Gerente”, a road that we have been traveling together for a few years, full of great moments with which we learn to enjoy, like him, the carrilana party.

“Gerente” said in an interview with Alfonso Tellado on TVG “Eu xerentar nuncar xerentei nada” (I run never managed anything), you are wrong “old” friend, for us you will always be the manager of this institution.