School of Drivers


The A.D.C Esteirana de Carrilanas launches a new project for this 2021 in the Galician Karting Championship.

It is about promoting the Carrilanas Grand Prix and its cultural activities through support for municipal grassroots sports in the categories of initiation to motor racing.

The Karting represents a modality that fits perfectly with the values ​​that the carrilanas intends to implement in its activities. A competition in which boys and girls go as a family to the circuits of the Galician geography practicing an alternative sport to the traditional ones.

From the entity we understand that it is an innovative bet for our quarry, boys and girls who participate in the Carrilanas Grand Prix and that they can make the leap to karting races teaching that in Esteiro, we have less driver wood.

Any discipline of motorsports requires great technical and economic means, so we want to thank the collaboration of the Concello of Muros and the Diputación de A Coruña (Area of ​​Culture). The creation of its own project for the dissemination of the carrilanera culture, and without a doubt an asset of great municipal and provincial value that we hope can grow steadily by incorporating more drivers in the next competitions.

Pablo Molinos Buján will be the first 11-year-old driver to change the wooden steering wheel of his carrilana for that of his cadet category kart. He will be the first to bring our unique Carrilanas Grand Prix to the competition circuits.

The only objectives set are to learn and have fun, always under the direction of the family and with studies as an absolute priority.

In this way, the traffic light at the Escuela de Pilotxs – Carrilanas Esteiro turns green. We hope it will be a project that grows and we will gradually incorporate boys and girls who want to drive beyond the Ramiro “Gerente” circuit.

The first of the races will be this Sunday 04/18/2021 at Circuit A Madalena (Pontevedra)