We come back more eager than ever!

Covid-19 forced us all to stop, but it’s time to roll again with more enthusiasm than ever. After the blackout caused by Covid-19 where, for the first time in 30 years, the carrilanas had to stay in the pits without being able to go down the O Maio slope, the ADC Esteirana de Carrilanas recovers this 2022 the normality of its activities.

During the years of the pandemic, practically all of our programming was relieved of small events that prevented cultural activity from being paralyzed in the Concello de Muros. Small concerts with limited capacity, where safety and hygiene measures were extreme, the so-called “KM0” or the Virtual GP have been a clear example of this.

However, spaces such as the craft market had to be canceled during this time due to the sanitary measures imposed. A market that, despite having only two editions within the Esteiro Carrilanas program, was having a very good reception among all attendees. Now, finally, we can once again have this art showcase in which all the associations and artisans who so wish can participate.

From 06/14 to 07/12 the registration period is open to participate as an exhibitor in the “III Espacio de Artesanía”.

To attend as an exhibitor, it is necessary to complete the application, which can be downloaded at the following link:


Once covered, the amount €30 must be paid into the bank account indicated on the registration sheet, for security and surveillance. The request will have to be sent by email to mercado@carrilanasesteiro.gal, where we will validate the data and proceed with the authorization of the request.