Why be a Sponsor of the carrilanas?

Carrilanas are a perfect showcase for all those companies that wish to make themselves known or enhance their commercial image.
We are a family event that brings together thousands of people in different spaces, so your advertising and trademark will always be well positioned and aimed at the public that you want.


At the head of this organization we find a group of young friends full of enthusiasm and connoisseurs that the success of the GRAND PRIX DE CARRILANAS will depend on our work. Trying to learn from the mistakes made, we face one more year the challenge of improving our party. Little by little we try to involve more people: neighbors, sponsors, institutions … because we are aware that without the support of both collaboration and economic it would be impossible to carry out the event.

For this reason we wish to raise the idea that they are part of the CARRILANAS DE ESTEIRO, a unique event in the world, that distinguishes us, where older and children, men and women live together, uniting as nobody ever did tradition and speed at a party. A party that we want to take as your own and help us bring the event of the CARRILANAS DE ESTEIRO a sample of traditional and indigenous Galician identity.

Any collaboration provided would be helpful. Economic and publicity contribution would be the most desired, although we are open to any proposal.

These are some of the reasons that will help you choose our event

  • There are more than 30,000 people who come to enjoy the event.

  • We have several “Spaces” so the image of your company always focuses on the right audience.

  • We treat our sponsors and their commercial image with care.

  • You help preserve a tradition.