President’s greeting

When I assumed the residency of the ADC Esteirana de Carrilanas, I had the illusion of recovering a event that I think was far from its best version, an event that attracts thousands of visitors to Esteiro who find a unique and inimitable party in our town .To this day, I can say that this illusion is tremendously renewed, surrounded by a small team, a united and trustworthy team, professional and ambitious, with whom I will work side by side until I place the Grand Prix of Carrilanas on the site I understand it must be.

We work hard to present you a GRAND PRIX CARRILANAS ESTEIRO that we hope will please your expectations and our own. We face this year with the great challenge of bringing our party to the declaration of the National Tourist Interest Festival. We need to be many to travel this path, so I invite you to join us with our next destination.

I would like to thank all the people who collaborated in making this edition of the Carrilanas de Esteiro possible, with special emphasis on small businesses and the Esteiro hotel industry, which year after year increase their collaboration, giving the magazine spectacular form.

Thank you also as it would not be otherwise for our sponsor´s, that without your commitment to our event and I take this opportunity to tell you that I hope you will join us for many years to obtain National Tourist Interest award.

Many thanks to the Council of Muros, Communities of Montes de Esteiro and other organizations that make it possible to reach the budget that allows us to confidently face the development of an event of this caliber.

I wish you to spend a great holiday weekend surrounded by your family and friends, and enjoy with all this of our carrilanas one more year and for many years in Esteiro. Now to say goodbye, thanks to all the people who support us in one way or another, all collaboration is welcome. How could it be otherwise, my deepest personal gratitude goes to all my colleagues who work in the shade and do not appear in the photos, who support me and encourage me so that we can all enjoy a party that gives us back the lost illusion year after year.

A hug and see you on the roads.
David Fernandez
(ADC President Esteirana de Carrilanas)