Esteiro, Festival of National Tourist Interest

February 18, 2021. Goal acomplished. Yes, the Grand Prix de Carrilanas de Esteiro already has the recognition of a Festival of National Tourist Interest. A recognition that highlights the originality of our party and rewards the work and collective effort of all: association, sponsors and administrations, but, above all, that of dozens of volunteers who, every third weekend in July, work whith effort in the descent.


The road was neither easy nor short, but it was certainly worth it. Today, we know that all effort pays off. Step by step we are achieving goals thanks to everyone’s collaboration. From that first edition in the summer of 1988 until today many things have changed. What does not change are the desire, enthusiasm and commitment with which the whole team works so that each year the descent of Esteiro’s carrilanas grows a little more.

In 2000 the Xunta de Galicia recognized our carrilanas as a Festival of Galician Tourist Interest, now it is the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism that grants us this new badge.

And now that? Are we still rolling?