The A.D.C. Esteirana de Carrilanas receives the carrilanas from “Gerente” as a donation

On August 1, 2020, Ramiro García Núñez “Gerente” (president of the ADC Esteirana de Carrilanas) and David Fernández Lado (president of the ADC Esteirana de Carrilanas), signed a donation agreement for carrilanas from “Gerente” to the organizing association of the Carrilanas Grand Prix.

This is the most important agreement in the 33-year history of the Carrilanas de Esteiro, a donation of unique artisan carrilanas in the world that make up an incalculable heritage for the entity.

This agreement will cause the association to assume full responsibility for the maintenance, conservation and public exposure of the “Gerente” carrilanas.

The A.D.C. Esteirana de Carrilanas wishes to publicly express her admiration, affection, respect and deep gratitude to Ramiro García “Gerente” for his unquestionable commitment to the Grand Prix of Carrilanas de Esteiro.

We will work in a future that is complicated but also exciting with the highest demands, based on the work and talent of our beloved carrilanero grandfather and keeping his inimitable legacy alive.

We also want to thank the treatment received by the Ramiro family, who made it possible for this agreement to take place to give continuity to this unique event that identifies us as a people.

From now on, the association is working to create the Carrilanas Museum “Ramiro García, Gerente”. We will fight for a place that has the necessary conditions for the exhibition and conservation of exclusive and unique pieces around the world. Manager deserves it, Esteiro deserves it.

Thank you very much.